Saturday, June 23, 2012

Change Is Good!

Some of my friends at work gave me a birthday happy and I went straight to a couple of antique places that I like and burned it up quick and in a hurry. My office at work is in dire need of a change. I moved furniture, dusted, cleaned out desk drawers, filed or chunked piles of paper that have accumulated, and lots of things that I don't know why they were even in my office (mostly under my desk!). Anyway, it is still a work in progress, but now I have a wall that is 9 feet high and 15 feet wide that is completely empty. The first thing I am working on is kind of like an inspiration board, but it is really just a fancy bulletin board so I can place things that inspire me and make me happy in one location to enjoy. And, it will also be a conversation piece, as people are in and out of my office, I am sure.
This is a 20 x 28 frame and it was only $18. It is very heavy and in good condition.
I picked up some empty frames that I liked and added a little color, since the walls in my school office are a boring beige and cannot be changed. This one was beautiful the way it was, but I like the way these colors look on the high points. Then I covered a piece of foam board with some nicely woven fabric, inserted it into the frame, and it is ready to looking forward to filling it with fun cards, photos, and other memories throughout the year.

The other frame I am working on is not finished yet. I want to use it to display some decorative hang tags that have a certain theme. I am thinking about doing one on family, since that is the most important thing in my life aside from my faith in Jesus Christ. When it is finished and everything is hung, I will do another post. 

                                The smaller frame was pretty beat up, but I loved the style and it was only $5.

With some paint and a wipe-down, the cracks and chips just make this little frame all the more lovable.
The other project I am working on it to repurpose some small canvas paintings that have outlived their glory. The photo below I even hate to post. Honestly, the three did look good at the time I bought them. Like I said, change is GOOD.
Step 1 was to spray with some black paint because I did not want the vivid colors showing through the burlap.

              Step 2 was to cut some burlap the same size as the canvas and apply. The Mod Podge is not dry, but you get the idea. Boy, do I need to work on my photography!
So far, so good. I still feel like I need a third element at the top, but nothing I tried looked right, so I will leave it alone for now and come back to it later. I have two more of these to do and they will be hung as a group, so I need some more ideas. Of course, I had some ideas, but you can't spell W-I-S-H without an "s" and you can't spell H-O-P-E without an "e".
Hobby Lobby, here I come.

Well, it is time to go to bed so we can maybe get to church on time in the morning. Try to stay cool if you live in the south. Our Mississippi sunshine is pouring down the beams. Blessings to you all.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to the Land of the Living-Graduation is Done!

It has been almost two months since I have written anything on my blog. It has been a whirlwind around The White House. We have had two major parties at our home, a baccalaureate ceremony, and the graduation of our youngest son, Connor. He was the class Historian and shared a speech at graduation. I was on stage with him, since I am a school administrator, and was so proud of how he was able to share with his classmates and those in attendance. Our family of four and extended family and friends enjoyed being together at his graduation party and other ceremonies. It was 2001 when our oldest son, Jameson, graduated, so we had to get used to the idea of having a senior all over again. We are a blessed family! 

Con's graduation invitation photo was shot in the field of oats by our home.

Connor at around age 3

We did a frontier style party that was so much fun!
 Connor always thought he was a cowboy when he was little, so we thought we would reminisce a little bit.

Stu's mom and our other family members shared lots of old collectibles to make the party so much more realistic and the items were interesting to admire. Trying to figure out what each old piece was used for is part of the charm of collecting things of the past. It is something most of our family enjoys. 

This is my husband Stu and my sweet nephew Michael. He is our sound guy in the family and did an awesome job providing a microphone for "roasting" Connor with old stories, running the slideshow from birth to graduation (tears-yes), and providing some fun music for everyone to dance by. And yes, he looks like Sully from TV.

Time for me to share how Connor named himself "Con-Con". It is a long story. Oh, and check out the little beverage stand I made ALL BY MYSELF. The front piece is an old pallet and my sweet sister-in-law lined the stand with burlap so we could use the shelf inside for storage and it would not look so messy. All the old spools were salvaged by one of my brouther-in-laws from a burn pile at work. They are easy to roll around and make great tables.

Here we are after Baccalaureate in front of  East Central High School: Jameson, Becky, Connor, and Stu. Celebrating the ECHS Class of 2012
Con and Lea Anna after graduation at the Biloxi Coliseum.

We also had another graduate in the family. Makayla Mae, my precious niece, is on the left of Connor. Her baby sis, Macy Cristine, will be graduating next year. Are they not a beautiful threesome???

Well, graduation is over, parties are done, and I am back at work for most of the summer. I am only off for three weeks and one has already been spent, so my days are few to relax. Today I am going to nap and hang out by myself then join family for dinner this evening. Then tomorrow I am going to go antiquing and yes I am taking my TRUCK. Maybe I will find some good deals. Blessings to you and yours as you begin a warm summer under the Mississippi Sunshine.