Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ole Miss and Delta Dining

Talk about sunshine! Yesterday was a cool but sunny day as we visited the Ole Miss campus in Oxford for an open house event. Our youngest son is trying to decide where he will attend school in the fall. The Lyceum, above, is a historical building in the center of campus. The columns on the Lyceum are depicted in the Ole Miss symbol you see on literature and around Mississippi on car tags of UM supporters.

We met a lot of prospective students from different states and saw a few acquaintances. It was a good morning. Then we traveled across the hills to the flat land of the Mississippi Delta to see our best friend. Next week is our son Connor's birthday and our friend Mike pulled out all the stops and surprised him with a delicious birthday supper with some old and new friends.

                                         The table was set and ready for some Delta dining.

We made a special trip to a tamale stand down the street to pick up some of the best in town.

I was so jealous that I could not try Mike's crabcakes (have a shellfish allergy), but everyone else said they were out of this world. Aren't  they a beautiful golden brown?

And...after much persuasion from the other guests, Con donned his birthday crown
as "Uncle Mike" joined in the fun.

We made it home to the coast in 5 hours with only one stop. Now, the washer and dryer are going, I am in my pjs watching the Oscars, and getting ready to start another week. No signs of my tulips yet. I think we will have to settle for azaleas this year! Blessings to you for more good times and sunshine.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tulips and McCarty

Spring is just around the corner...or is it? I have been waiting for my tulips to bloom, and no, these are not mine. These gorgeous tulips grow and thrive at the McCarty Pottery in Merigold, Mississippi. If you have never been to McCarty's in the early spring, it is worth the drive just to walk through the garden and see the large variety of tulips, not to mention their to-die-for pottery. (Check it out at ). My husband and I planted four tulip varieties for this year, but no sign of them yet. Or maybe they are hiding under that bed of straw and I just haven't noticed, but I am looking!
The garden at McCarty's is filled with a variety of other plants as well as blooms.
The contrast between the old barn wood and the vivid tulip colors is amazing.
I am so ready to dig in the dirt again. Excuse me, soil. What is the difference between dirt and soil? I am so glad you asked! One of our Kindergarten classes at school had a guest speaker from the USDA on the People's Garden Project this morning. I missed the first part of the lesson as she explained the difference between dirt and soil. However, I did hear one little boy's answer to the question when Dr. Coker asked, "What is the difference between dirt and soil?" A sweet little voice replied: "Soil is black and dirt is brown". She kindly told him no, but I said out loud, "Well, I like that answer." Later I asked the teacher what the real answer was. Dirt is soil out of place. That's pretty good, and I learned that in Kindergarten. If-no-when my tulips bloom, I will share them in all of their glory. Hopefully, the sun will shine and they will rise to meet it. And quickly. Blessings to you,


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farm Sunrise

It was a sunny 65 degree day in south Mississippi today. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent most of the day on my John Deere mowing the lawn, around the barn, and the dam on the pond. My forehead is half pink and half white because I wore a warmer over my ears. Hence, a tender two-toned face is mine. I missed the beautiful sunrise today, but my nephew captured it and his photo was too special not to post.

 I am longing for spring. Tomorrow I will check out some sources for what it takes to plant sunflowers: lots and lots of them! Good times are just around the corner. Blessings to you and yours.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

because NICE matters

This week-end we endured a lot of water and NO sunshine! It was rainy and dreary so after the laundry was (mostly) done, I spent some time creating (playing) in my little space that belongs only to me. I made a bookmark, which found its way into a framed piece, and a couple of tags along with a framed saying "because NICE matters". I like that. Sometimes it is not easy to be nice but it is the right thing to do. So I placed this new piece where I can see easily see it to remind my self that it sometimes takes a big old bundle of good character to be NICE, but in the end, it really does matter. I am thankful that I have three days off to celebrate whatever my heart desires, because I don't do Mardi Gras, but am glad for the long five day week-end.

Maybe we will see a little sunshine tomorrow. If not, I will make my own. Blessings to you,


Mama Is 84 Years Young

This week was a special one for me because we celebrated my dear mother's 84th birthday. My mom has been a guide and the mentor of my life through thick and thin. She is the reason I have been so blessed in my life. It is through her prayers that I know Jesus Christ as the center of my world. I love her with all my heart!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere!

Chocolate cake is my favorite, and chocolate on chocolate is sublime. My husband is a wonderful cook and this is a favorite recipe of ours from The Mississippi Cookbook called Mansion Chocolate. But there is no cake for me today on Valentine's Day. No flowers, no gifts. Not because he did not try, but because I bought myself something I had been wanting. More software. He does not get it, but he allows me to pretty much do as I please. My man is out of town, my oldest son is with his girlfriend, and my youngest son has plans with his sweetie for dinner. I am trying to decide on a salad, egg rolls, or good old Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. You may think it is sad to be alone on Valentine's Day, with no chocolate, no flowers, and no gifts. Not me. Why you say? Because I know that I am blessed and I am loved. My faithful husband will be home soon, and my boys are safe and happy. What else could a wife and mother desire? Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours and blessings for the days ahead. And I certainly do hope you get some chocolate to go with the good times you share with those you love today and every day.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to My First Post

Welcome to Sunshine and Good Times! This is my very first post, so I thought I would share some of the good times that bring simple joy to my life. Since I work at an elementary school as an administrator, my days start early. On some mornings, my schedule allows me to watch the sunrise. This is the view from my kitchen window. The farm where we live was worked by my husband's family beginning in the mid 1960's and is still a working farm, although the property is now rented to other farmers to raise crops. We have plenty of room for our children to enjoy on four-wheelers, and places to hunt or fish. Mostly I am thankful that I have plenty of room to grow flowers.

I understand why Adam and Eve were placed in a garden because it can be a heavenly place. Digging in the dirt keeps me happy and real therapy for me is to climb on my John Deere Lawn Tractor and mow grass. Don't laugh if you have never tried it! Yes, it is a mundane job, but there is something about an activity that does not require great thinking ability that allows your mind to relax and meditate on things that the normal rush and routine of life do not afford.

Camellias are a winter-time favorite and you can see why.

REAL good times to me happen when I am able to create something with my hands. Whether it is a flower garden, a handmade card, a birdhouse, or a large project makes no difference. We are created beings, so being creative is natural! On the big projects I have to have help from my wonderful husband or one of my boys. We had some old cypress wood left over from our barn we built a few years back and I finally whined enough that my boys helped me build a couple of projects. Again, GOOD TIMES!

My youngest son helped me build a place to prop my feet. Well, actually he was the builder and I was the apprentice. We are both so bossy I am glad we were alone while this project was in the works!

Don't you love our table? Pretty good for a first try! We love cooking and entertaining, and this makes a beautiful setting. Since we do live where it is very warm, we try to enjoy the outdoors anytime the weather permits.

Well, I hear my husband rumbling around in the kitchen, so I will leave you for a cup of coffee with him. Best to you and yours for many more good times.