Sunday, April 15, 2012

Colors of Spring

To me, spring is about new life. It is about repurposing what you have on hand. My husband asks me all the time why I move stuff. It may be a piece of furniture or a wheelbarrow full of rocks. He just does not understand the need I have to create something that looks different or is used in a different way. Now granted, sometimes he is right about the furniture moves and I end up changing it back. And sometimes not. This year I've come across some new and old glass that says SPRING to me. The soft colors remind me of how the green leaves begin to fill the earth with an eventual shock of color. I understand why God started things out in a garden.  
After the full mantels of Christmas and then winter, I wanted a cleaner look for spring. I know Easter is done, but a dear friend gave me the Lladro bunny as a gift and I haven't found another place for her yet.

A pre-1900 bottle my dad brought from Natchez. I guess I get my love of "old stuff" from him.
I love the purples, blues, and greens of spring. And the vintage garland I found last fall for Christmas has not left my mantel since it arrived. I have found ways to make it work, because I love the way it shimmers in different colors. See below how it worked through three different seasons?




I now see that I need something green that is alive on this mantel! Oh, so what's new? Change is good. Blessings to you and yours for good times and sunshiney days to share with those you love.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Is Bursting Out All Over!

This week there are no discipline problems for me to handle, no teachers to observe, and no piles of paperwork to sort through on my desk because it is SPRING BREAK! It comes late this year, and in south Mississippi the weather has been perfect since Good Friday, which was our first day off. My spirit has soared both spriritually with our Easter celebration and creatively, while working on multiple projects.

 Yesterday I worked on planting a new bed in front of the screen to our "used to be" dog pen. I had an old fountain that did not work well anymore, so I filled it with verbena, asparagus fern, and vinca. When it fills out and the lion face is covered, I will like it a lot more and it will flow with the rustic look around the barn out back.

Gate latch updated with an old spade
  Since I gardened yesterday and worked on a few signs for an upcoming outdoor movie night by the barn, I found the need for a work apron to hold my tools, screws, and whatever I need at the moment. So this morning my first chore was to replicate a work apron of my husbands I found in the barn. Mine was going to be quick, simple, and plain. That just did not happen. It turned out really cute and so cute I probably won't wear it outside because I go from sawdust to paint to dirt without thinking. It fits me so well I will have to make that plain one after all!

Oh So Cute Apron

A tea-dyed muslin rosette along with some hand-stamped muslin ribbon for packages I made a while back were the perfect finish for my apron. The three deep pockets leave plenty of space for whatever my hands find to do.
I learned a few things from my first attempt at this apron, so next time I will do a little better job. My grandma taught me to measure and pin everything and sometimes I get in a hurry to move on to the next project! In fact, I think I will make my niece that is a hairdresser one. She has lots of stuff she can put in those pockets! :)

Well, it is time to go outside and garden some more since I have a helper here for the day. Best wishes to you and yours for good times and lots of sunshine!


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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Is for Family

My Easter Weekend began Thursday when I got off work and went to an elderly friend's house to pick up her tax work for my husband. Her home is down a country road, and then down a single gravel lane that crosses an old wooden bridge. It is one of the prettiest homesites in our area. My only sadness in doing this is that my friend is not in good health and that I missed her azaleas in bloom. As you can see from the photo,  I would be almost emersed in springtime glory if I had only gone a couple of weeks sooner.

When I left my friend's house, I headed straight home to a beef tenderloin dinner that was out of this world. Then Friday was filled with yardwork and that night was Mexican at The White House (what we jokingly call our home, since our last name is White) where we started off with homemade guacamole and very spicy bean dip.

Family and friends were all talking and laughing at once while sharing stories so funny you could not make them up if you tried. And they were all TRUE! It was a great night. Saturday was a quick trip to town for some last minute Easter clothes and browsing for props for our next party. We had a great outdoor Sunrise Service at our church at 7 a.m., then had breakfast prepared by our Men's Minstries team, and finally an early worship service. Lunch followed at my mom and dad's home, where the day ended relaxing under my brother's shade oak trees while watching the grandkids and great-grandkids play softball. What a great day for counting our blessings!

We actually returned home with enough sunlight left to finish up photos of a completed project. I showed you the before a few weeks ago...whoa. That is one sad little settee.

After a couple cans of spray paint and a new cushion, it is once again one of my favorite spots to spend a few moments alone resting or reading.

Tomorrow I begin a full week of Spring Break and my to-do list is very long. The weather man says we will have several beautiful days of sunshine and I am planning on filling them with good times.

 Blessings to you and yours,