Monday, February 11, 2013

Spreading Love and Sunshine with Free Printables

This week we will celebrate Valentine's Day. This holiday probably holds many different kinds of memories for each of us, but it makes me think of my very first school teacher. A few days ago I was sharing with a student about my First Grade teacher, Mrs. Valentine. The elementary school I attended had a long row of doors that opened to the playground area. On the first day of school, she told us to look for the door with the big red heart when it was time to come in from play. Easy enough-a valentine is traditionally a big red heart. What a comfort for us to know exactly which door belonged to us. Our room could be spotted from the swings at the very back of the playground! Anytime I see a large red heart, I always think of her. I am sure she is probably in heaven by now, and I bet her mansion has some beautiful heart motifs, just as she used for her First Graders for many years.

So, in honor of Mrs. Valentine, I wanted to share some free printables. I found some good info from Jenn, over at The Purposeful Mom, and went to work on some new printables in my Creative Memories software. The first set contains 3 large hang tags, for when you don't need a formal card, but want to make a cute happy for someone. The tags themselves will make you smile!

This next set is a mixture of styles, so maybe you can find something that will fit the different ages and people in your life that you love. There are 9 styles to choose from and these are the smaller tags.


 I really like to do vintage style, so that will be the next session. Spring is coming right around the corner, and Easter is a favorite holiday, so perhaps I will be able to design some pretty vintage tags to share next time. Print these on cardstock, and you can save your money for a little gift to surprise someone when they need a little bit of "sunshine" for their day.

Have a great end to February and remember to tell those special people in your life that you love them. You can never say it too much as long as you MEAN it. Blessings to you and yours for sunshine and good times.



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