Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage Dreams for 2013: Bringin' Home the Bambi

Last year we had dreamed of restoring our 1963 Airstream Bambi to be road ready this past spring. The Bambi is a miniature Airstream version that is a demure 16 feet long, and definitely a two-person facility. However, its' cuteness makes up for the lack of space! Our best friend, Mike, had a fleet of airstreams: two Bambi's, and one 32 footer, not sure which model. Another friend inherited the large one, and Mike has the other Bambi on its' way to being a dynomite rendition and ours is, well, still in the "planning" stages. Anyway, our dream is to get these babies restored and do some fun road trips together soon. It is also going to bring a whole new meaing to the word RETIRED, when that does happen.
At the supper table, our youngest son Con and his girlfriend Lea Anna have laughed at us when we talk about turning the Bambi into a food truck when we retire, and just carting it around to wherever the hungry crowds are. Let them laugh! It beats the heck out of the overhead of a restaurant, you cook when you want to, to whom you wish to make happy, and see the countryside in the meantime. Not to mention, that usually wherever there are crowds, there are also fun times such as music, tall tales, and lots of shopping involved. Sounds like a definite winner to me!

Here we are in the fall of 2011: Me, Stu James, and our best bud Mike the weekend we brought home the Bambi
from the Mississippi Delta to our Gulf Coast home.
There are lots of vintage sites that support Airstream. I have been researching for the best way to polish: do it ourselves or take to a reputable dealer. The jury is still out on this, but that is at the top of the list. Since it has to be done from time to time, it may be more ecomomical to invest in the equipment and use lots of elbow grease to bring back that mirror shine.
Next, we have to gut and rewire, which we think will not be too bad due to the size of the Bambi. Then on to the fun part of restoring and decorating. We have already been collecting some items that will be fun to use: a 1960's metal Coleman Icechest, an early 1950's radio that belonged to my Dad, wooden director chairs, baskets for the "Lake Look", which is what we are thinking right now, because we both love the water...and this also gives me an excuse to go rambling around in old dusty, dirty junk places and nice antique stores. Love it.
Check out these pictures of what a Bambi can look like. Dream and go dream some more!

All shined up and road ready! One day soon, ours will look like this.

Love the vintage canopy and the matching hubcap.
I like the light and airy feeling in this one.
Definitely larger than our Bambi, but Stu favors this look.

I don't think this sofa is an option, because these are very heavy and we will have to
watch the weight in our itty bitty rolling house.
Our day will come. Love this American spirit in motion!
Well, we certainly have our work cut out for us this year. But don't you think this will be so fun for us? We tease Connor that when he goes to Ole Miss we will just park the Bambi at Sardis Lake and be up there every weekend. He does not think it is funny, but we are just kidding!
It is a gray day on January 2, 2013, but I see blue skies ahead with lots of sunshine. May the Lord's goodness shine down on you!


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  1. Becky, you are killing me with the envy you induce here! I just love the idea of a vintage trailer, but an! What a fun adventure to fix this up and then take off and enjoy it. I look forward to watching the process unfold. Thanks for stopping in and leaving me your sweet comment. I'm now following!