Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunshiney Days

This weekend was my son Connor's senior prom. He and his sweetie, Lea Anna, (how is that for a great Southern name!) made some cute photos before they left for dinner in Ocean Springs and then back to the school for Prom. Yep, they were going "old school" this year by having the Prom on campus. Hard economic times affect everything!

This is one of my favorite shots...a giant wood bee was buzzing around the barn. Con said through gritted teeth, "Hurry up, mom...a giant bee-a really giant bee is coming!"

Lea had some gorgeous heels, but this softball girl loved her bare feet better!

Now that Prom is over, maybe I can get back in the groove of making and creating things. We are hosting a movie night with some couples from our church next month and boy, my honey-do list is getting longer by the moment! I know we need to build a long serving table, a frame for our outdoor screen, and I am thinking of placing some dividers in the garden trug (below) I made back in January.

 Right now it is housing some flowers, but I think I could make some slip in/slip out dividers for cutlery and napkins.  Maybe just fill with some tin cans for dividers? That would be a cute, easy fix. Any ideas? Tell me what you think. Blessings to you and yours as the days of sunshine get longer and hotter here in Mississippi. May your days be blessed as the changing of the season comes your way.


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