Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tulips and McCarty

Spring is just around the corner...or is it? I have been waiting for my tulips to bloom, and no, these are not mine. These gorgeous tulips grow and thrive at the McCarty Pottery in Merigold, Mississippi. If you have never been to McCarty's in the early spring, it is worth the drive just to walk through the garden and see the large variety of tulips, not to mention their to-die-for pottery. (Check it out at ). My husband and I planted four tulip varieties for this year, but no sign of them yet. Or maybe they are hiding under that bed of straw and I just haven't noticed, but I am looking!
The garden at McCarty's is filled with a variety of other plants as well as blooms.
The contrast between the old barn wood and the vivid tulip colors is amazing.
I am so ready to dig in the dirt again. Excuse me, soil. What is the difference between dirt and soil? I am so glad you asked! One of our Kindergarten classes at school had a guest speaker from the USDA on the People's Garden Project this morning. I missed the first part of the lesson as she explained the difference between dirt and soil. However, I did hear one little boy's answer to the question when Dr. Coker asked, "What is the difference between dirt and soil?" A sweet little voice replied: "Soil is black and dirt is brown". She kindly told him no, but I said out loud, "Well, I like that answer." Later I asked the teacher what the real answer was. Dirt is soil out of place. That's pretty good, and I learned that in Kindergarten. If-no-when my tulips bloom, I will share them in all of their glory. Hopefully, the sun will shine and they will rise to meet it. And quickly. Blessings to you,


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