Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to My First Post

Welcome to Sunshine and Good Times! This is my very first post, so I thought I would share some of the good times that bring simple joy to my life. Since I work at an elementary school as an administrator, my days start early. On some mornings, my schedule allows me to watch the sunrise. This is the view from my kitchen window. The farm where we live was worked by my husband's family beginning in the mid 1960's and is still a working farm, although the property is now rented to other farmers to raise crops. We have plenty of room for our children to enjoy on four-wheelers, and places to hunt or fish. Mostly I am thankful that I have plenty of room to grow flowers.

I understand why Adam and Eve were placed in a garden because it can be a heavenly place. Digging in the dirt keeps me happy and real therapy for me is to climb on my John Deere Lawn Tractor and mow grass. Don't laugh if you have never tried it! Yes, it is a mundane job, but there is something about an activity that does not require great thinking ability that allows your mind to relax and meditate on things that the normal rush and routine of life do not afford.

Camellias are a winter-time favorite and you can see why.

REAL good times to me happen when I am able to create something with my hands. Whether it is a flower garden, a handmade card, a birdhouse, or a large project makes no difference. We are created beings, so being creative is natural! On the big projects I have to have help from my wonderful husband or one of my boys. We had some old cypress wood left over from our barn we built a few years back and I finally whined enough that my boys helped me build a couple of projects. Again, GOOD TIMES!

My youngest son helped me build a place to prop my feet. Well, actually he was the builder and I was the apprentice. We are both so bossy I am glad we were alone while this project was in the works!

Don't you love our table? Pretty good for a first try! We love cooking and entertaining, and this makes a beautiful setting. Since we do live where it is very warm, we try to enjoy the outdoors anytime the weather permits.

Well, I hear my husband rumbling around in the kitchen, so I will leave you for a cup of coffee with him. Best to you and yours for many more good times.


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